Research Assistant

CactiLab, UB.

August 2020 to Present Full Time
CactiLab, RIT.
August 2019 – August 2020 Full Time
Cortex-A Cortex-M TrustZone FPGA LLVM
CactiLab is a security research lab at University at Buffalo directed by my advisor professor ziming zhao. The main research focus of the lab is centered around solving security vulnerabilities in Cortex-A and Corte-M systems. These systems lack security primitives comapred to traditional desktop systems due to lack of hardware features and performance consideration. We paln to derive suitable security solutions for these systems with available hardware features.

Software Engineer, Full Stack

BJIT, Bangladesh.

July 2017 – August 2019 Full Time
Spring MVC Spring Boot MySQL Struts 2.0 Ematrix
BJIT is one of the leading companies in Bangladesh. Most of the work is related to JAVA development. Worked in PLM(Product LifeCycle ManageMent) system for a long time of Valmet(A finish production company).


C & C++ Java Python Grails
Spring Boot Spring 3
eMatrix MySQL/MariaDB PgSQL Presto
JavaScript Jenkins Angular Js



Objective of this thesis is to provide reliable key exchange and to transmit data efficiently. This thesis is based on presenting a way to transmit data within two parties with the ability to detect any eavesdropper. While traditional cryptosystems such as RSA,DES,AES etc. have become vulnerable Quantum Key Distribution(QKD) provides a platform for secure data transmission. The experiment is primarily based on two theorems, “Heisenberg uncertainty theorem” and “no-cloning theorem” both is relate to QKD for secure data transmission.



University Faculty Dean Award in the session 2015-16.

Got honors in both semesters in 4th year


Joined BJIT as a Software Engineer

Moved to Dhaka

Started Working on PLM system of Infosis


Intra Batch Programming Contest 2014 (5st Position).

Research Interest

Machine Learning Natural Language Processing Computer Vision
System Security Information Security Cybersecurity Web Security Software Security